Tim Lerch
Here's a partial list of the gear I use
Linda Manzer Blue Note
Various Fender Custom Shop Nocasters
TLTX Chubby Mike Lull Custom Guitars (Tim's signature Guitar)

Guild CE100D Formerly owned by Ted Greene
1959 Gibson L-7C
1951 Gibson ES 350
Grez Guitars TL Custom
Andersen Little Archie
1939 Epiphone Broadway

all guitars set up and repaired by Mike Lull at www.mikelull.com
Many of the above guitars are loaded with Lollar Pickups
I use Glendale Brass Intone or Wide Intone Saddles on my Telecasters.
( I have no affiliation with Glendale, I just like their saddles very much)

I am an artist endorser for the following companies
D'Addario Strings and Planet Waves accessories. www.Daddario.com
Lollar Pickups www.lollarguitars.com
Sunnyside Amps www.sunnysideamps.com
Fuchs ODS 50 amplifier www.fuchsaudiotechnology.com
Ethos Overdrive Preamp  www.customtonesinc.com
Bearfoot FX
Free the Tone Effects
an ever changing pedal board that currently contains :
Korg Blackout tuner, RC Booster, Honey Bee OD, Strymon Lex , Strymon Flint, Echo Baby,  Free The Tone Red Jasper and Final Boost, Rocket Pedals the Dude

Depending on the venue I will use one of the following amps:
Quilter 101 Reverb
Quilter Tone Block 202
Sunnyside K-Verb 40 (main amp)
Fender Deluxe Reverb Reissue
Fender Princeton Reissue
Henriksen the Bud
Ethos Overdrive amp
1965 Fender Deluxe Reverb
1964 Ampeg Reverberocket II
1964 Fender Super
Fender Blues Jr
THD Univalve
Quilter Aviator Open 12
1966 Fender Vibrolux Reverb
My favorite Speaker is the Jensen C12K